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Philippines Wastewater Treatment Project

We are developing our business in the Philippines by utilizing our expertise in automatic control equipment and other products cultivated in our factory automation business.

  Our automatic control equipment has been adopted in wastewater treatment projects using the new batch-type activated sludge process, mainly in the Province of Bohol and other provincial cities in the Philippines. Our wastewater treatment technology is the only technology that can meet these standards (as of December 2020).
In 2017, we obtained an international patent, and in 2018, our technology was selected for the JICA Small and Medium enterprises and SDGs Business Expansion Project.

  We also provide services integrating import, sales, construction, and management of septic tanks, a Japanese technology, and have received many orders for export sales of septic tanks since the start of our research in 2013.

Phil-Japan Worldwide Management Services, Inc.


In Bohol Province, the Philippines, there is no sewage system yet, and like other local cities, wastewater is stored in single-layer septic tanks or sludge beds, and the supernatant is discharged into rivers, and the accumulated sludge is pulled out with vacuum cars by private companies. The purpose of our business is to create a pollution-free environment for the people of the Philippines to lead a healthy life cycle. To achieve this goal, it is urgent to build a terminal treatment system to improve the current situation of sludge treatment as well as wastewater treatment. The end-of-life treatment system requires not only the construction of a sludge treatment plant and system, but also the training of managers and engineers to operate it. It is also necessary to raise the environmental awareness of the people of the Philippines, and to encourage the development of laws and regulations.


In January and February 2013, we dispatched experts and accepted trainees to Japan, and at the same time, we have been strengthening our relationship with the local government, including the Province of Bohol, the Water Corporation, various ministries and agencies, and universities. Subsequently, we began importing, selling, constructing, managing, and operating Japanese septic tanks as part of our wastewater treatment business in the Philippines, and have sold many septic tanks to date.

  On the other hand, there are no sludge treatment plants in the Philippines, and sludge is dumped into the ocean or mountains, causing serious environmental problems. Since it is inevitable to deal with sludge treatment as part of the wastewater treatment business, we invited Dr. Masatoshi Matsumura, professor emeritus at the University of Tsukuba and an expert in water treatment, to join us in developing a new SBR (simultaneous treatment of phosphorus and nitrogen by microbiological treatment) technology under his guidance. We have obtained an international patent in Japan for this innovative sewage treatment system technology. (August 10, 2017: Patent No. 6188264)
In 2018, this sewage treatment system was selected for the "JICA Small and Medium enterprises and SDGs Business Expansion Project" in recognition of its innovative nature, and the project is currently under implementation.
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