Metal Processing

Metal Processing

We are engaged in the machining of various products such as automobiles, pumps, valves, and machine tools. We believe that our strength and core technology is the combination of "difficult-to-machine materials," "unmanned small- and medium-volume production," "complex shapes," and "difficult-to-machine shapes," and we have earned a high reputation from customers in various industrial fields. From large-, medium-, and small-volume products to prototypes, we offer the best production methods to meet our customers' needs.


Q. What kind of processing is your specialty?
Complex processing with a cycle time of 5 minutes or more.
Medium-volume products with lot quantities of 50 to 100 pieces
Prototype processing: 1 to 20 pieces *We can also handle large-volume products (lot quantities of 1,000 pieces or more).

Q. What kind of machining is possible?
Our main machining processes are turning and machining.

Q. Can you perform additional processing on existing parts?
Yes, it is possible. (Negotiation is required depending on the additional machining.)

Q. How much accuracy can be achieved?
Normally ±0.01mm. Please feel free to contact us if you require higher accuracy.

Q. What materials can be processed?
We can handle a wide range of materials from resin to heat-resistant steel (difficult-to-cut materials).

Q. How do you procure materials? Or self-supplied?
We can provide either method according to your request.

Request Flow

1. Inquiry
2. Processing consideration
3. Material procurement
4. Processing
5. Inspection
6. Shipping
We accept low to mid-volume and prototype orders!
We machine difficult-to-cut materials!
We also design and fabricate automated devices and laborsaving equipment!

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