Reliable technology and unmanned systems suited to your needs.

■Various metal processing by NC lathe, machining center, lathe, milling machine and other machine tools
■Design, manufacture, and modification of automation equipment and labor-saving devices
■Aluminum machining

We specialize in low to mid-size volumes. We can also machine difficult to cut materials and provide you with short lead-times.


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We strive to exceed our customers' expectations!

Through the utilization of advanced technologies such as CNC application of machine tools and index chucking, we developed System24 which allows for improved machining efficiency and laborsaving. This in turn, contributed to our ability to machine difficult materials and manufacture parts of high precision.

ISO9001 certification was received in 2003. We have earned an excellent reputation for precision machining from our customers and have also received high commendations from a Lean Production Systems delegation from Asia which toured our plant in 2004.

In addition to precision machining and also having applied our experience with in-house automation and laborsaving, we have now commenced the manufacture and sales of order made equipment and devices.   

We are applying this equipment development capability to our wastewater treatment business in the Philippines.

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We accept low to mid-volume and prototype orders!
We machine difficult-to-cut materials!
We also design and fabricate automated devices and laborsaving equipment!

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1771-2 Niisato Kamikawa-machi, 
                       Kodama-gun, Saitama Japan. 367-0232
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