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We aim to manufacture products that will surely satisfy our customers!
We introduced advanced technologies such as CNC machine tools and focus chucks early on, and further developed them into System 24 to improve work efficiency and reduce labor, enabling us to machine difficult-to-machine materials and high-precision parts. In 2002, we obtained ISO9001 certification, and in 2004, we were designated as a factory to be visited by the Asia Lean Production System Inspection Group. Currently, in addition to the conventional cutting process, we have started manufacturing and selling custom-made equipment and devices, making the most of our experience in unmanned and labor-saving processes. We are also expanding into new areas such as aluminum parts processing, glass epoxy processing, and overseas wastewater treatment business.

Technology/Market Strategy

  OM Mfg. Co., Ltd. has received highly favorable evaluations from customers in the automotive, pump, valve and machine tools industries and can fully support needs for high volume/mid-range volume/low volume orders and prototype orders as well. In order to provide the production method best suited to meet the customers' demands for configuration, precision and quantity, OM Mfg. Co., Ltd. is making daily efforts to improve its engineering skills and technology. 

Also, utilizing its abundant experience in unmanned systems and laborsaving equipment, OM Mfg. Co., Ltd. has launched a new business that designs and provides equipment and systems with the purpose of improving productivity at the customers' facilities.   

From now on, OM Mfg. Co., Ltd. will continue to make every effort to contribute to the cost competitiveness of all of its customers.  

Market Strategy Policy 1: Strengthen Core Technologies
In the machining of "difficult-to-machine materials," "unmanned small- and medium-volume production," and "complex and difficult-to-machine shapes," which are our strengths, we will further strengthen our core technologies in the areas where these intersect.

Market Strategy Policy 2: Development of auxiliary technologies
Utilizing the core technologies mentioned above, we will develop auxiliary technologies such as "short-term development of prototype jigs," "development of cutting tools and machining methods," and "development of specialized machines" to meet customers' needs for short delivery times and cost reductions.

Market Strategy Policy 3: Cultivate international markets
We will develop international and overseas markets based on our past achievements and knowledge in equipment development. Especially in emerging and developing countries, we will focus on the increasing demand for our products in these countries as their economies continue to grow.  

Company Overview

Company Name OM MFG. CO., LTD.
President Yoshiji Matsuda
Location 1771-2 Shinsato, Kamikawa, Kodama-gun, Saitama, Japan
TEL 0495-77-4591
Capital 4.4 Million Yen
Number of employees: (as of December 31, 2022) 25 (including 8 part-time employees)
Services Manufacturing of metal products (cutting)
Manufacturing and sales of automation equipment and labor-saving devices
Overseas wastewater treatment business
Major Customers (in no particular order / titles omitted) - Honeywell Turbo Japan K.K.
- Cosmo Koki Co.
- KITZ Corporation
- Morikawa Sangyo Co.
- Daito Pump Industry Co.
- HKS Corporation
- Daido Precision Industry Co.
- Daido Castings Co.
- Yamato Seiki Co.
We accept low to mid-volume and prototype orders!
We machine difficult-to-cut materials!
We also design and fabricate automated devices and laborsaving equipment!

Tel :             +81‐ 495 ‐ 77 ‐4591
Address :
1771-2 Niisato Kamikawa-machi, 
                       Kodama-gun, Saitama Japan. 367-0232
Mail :            om.t.nose@s9.dion.ne.jp