Aluminum Processing

Aluminum processing is available!

We manufacture even a single prototype!
We speedily handle orders of aluminum fabrication, prototypes of parts, and small to medium-sized lots!

Aluminum has high thermal conductivity, about three times that of iron. Therefore, aluminum cutting is ideal for manufacturing air conditioning and heating equipment, engine parts, heat dissipation fins, and heat sinks, which require high thermal conductivity and complex shapes.

Processing machine for aluminum

Brother : M300X3
Simultaneous 5-axis machining ensures high-precision machining and delivery of thin-walled materials without thermal deformation.

Fanuc : α-D14MiB5
High-speed rotary machining realizes short-time machining. We can also provide speedy response.
We accept low to mid-volume and prototype orders!
We machine difficult-to-cut materials!
We also design and fabricate automated devices and laborsaving equipment!

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