Equipment (FA) Business

Equipment (FA) Business

OM Mfg. Co., Ltd.' Equipment (FA) Business with its abundant experience and numerous accomplishments achieved in the design, fabrication, operation and kaizen of automated systems can design, fabricate, launch, confirm and offer seamless post-delivery support of order made automated systems best suited to the customers' needs. OM Mfg. Co., Ltd. provides unique automated systems with the goal of vastly improving the reliability and productivity of its customers.

Customer Needs and Problem Sharing

In order to supply customers with equipment and systems that are unique, it is important to gain a clear and firm understanding of their products. Only by knowing and understanding the customers' products is it possible to co-share their problems in advance and provide the best suited skills and engineering of OM Mfg. Co., Ltd.
In addressing the problems of its customers, OM Mfg. Co., Ltd. adheres to its principles of [Human Resources], [Manufacturing] and [Management]. OM Mfg. Co., Ltd. designs, manufactures and implements kaizen of unique equipment and systems with the goal of obtaining the confidence of its customers as well as providing those customers with the highest degree of satisfaction.
In-house assembly line

Manufacturing Process Flow of Equipment (FA)

1. Conduct on-site inspections to find out what the problems are. OM Mfg. Co. Ltd. will identify solutions that take both the actual part and site into consideration.

2. After review and technical evalution, OM Mfg. Co., Ltd. will recommend equipment and systems best suited to the customers' needs from the perspective of quality, manufacturing capability, safety and cost.  

3. OM Mfg. Co., Ltd. implements realization of the make-up of the  equipment and systems and then designs both the software and hardware.     

4. Projects are launched with persons in charge of design, assembly, procurement and sales assigned to each of the equipment and systems.   

5. In-house tests per project are carried out and repeated after kaizen to verify that the customers' requirements and expectations have been met.    

6. Equipment and systems are launched at the customers' sites. Survey jobs and maintenance are also done as part of OM Mfg. Co., Ltd.' total support program. 

We accept low to mid-volume and prototype orders!
We machine difficult-to-cut materials!
We also design and fabricate automated devices and laborsaving equipment!

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