Management Philosophy

Management philosophy

1. The philosophy of human resources. "Disciples should surpass their mentors".
We shall train our employees so that their skills will eventually surpass those of their trainers, while believing in their passion and potential for achievement.

2. The philosophy of manufacturing. "Striving to find the essence".
We shall enhance our skills and techniques to a level beyond that which can be explained by words or through manuals.

3. The philosophy of management. "Employees form the company and the company nutures the employees".
We shall create a system which continuously nurtures the qualities and skills of our employees and we believe that under this system, we shall continue to grow in step with society.

4.The philosophy of relationships. "Interaction with other people is to be treasured".
We shall committ to practicing all of these three basic philosophies of our company - those of human resources, manufacturing and management. By practicing them, we believe we can make all those working for us find purpose in life and the courage to live, building up trust and ties among them.

Quality Policies

Based on our Management philosophy of "human resources," "manufacturing," ,"management," and "relationships", we will face quality head-on and share the joy of meeting customer needs and expectations by continuously improving the effectiveness of our quality management system.

1. to improve the effectiveness of our QMS by ensuring that we are aware of changes in customer requirements and respond to them in the best possible way.

2. to identify and implement each individual's improvement agenda and achieve our goals
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